About Us

The EuMHD Society is a non-profit international scientific organization. The goal of our Association is to engage in activities aimed at promoting the research and application of Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics (MHD) in Europe as a branch of science and engineering. MHD deals with processes and natural phenomena in which a conductive fluid, or plasma, interacts with a magnetic field. Activities in the field of MHD range from foundational to applied research in engineering. The approaches used include theoretical, analytical, computational and experimental methods.

The Association pursues its objectives through the following Actions:

  • Organization of international Conferences and Workshops dealing with subjects belonging to the field of MHD
  • Establishment of transnational partnerships for carrying on specific R&D projects, and support to all the phases of the participation to EU Research Funding Programmes
  • Gathering and Dissemination the state-of-the-art of MHD R&D
  • Assessment of standards for growth projects, and implementation of academic paths focused on MHD
  • Production and dissemination of educational and academic materials
  • Promoting the transnational mobility of young researchers involved in MHD R&D