Committee for MHD industrial applications

President of the committee :
Assoc.Prof. (Priv. Doz.) Abdellah Kharicha
Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria

EUMHD society mission is the advancement of science. In the past, the academic MHD community has been at the core of advancing scientific research, but is now increasingly more driven by demands from various industrial sectors.  Metallurgy, electrochemistry and energy sectors are now actively involving MHD related technology in their process.

This has given rise to an urgent need to create a platform upon which frontline researchers from university and industry can meet and take time to engage in exchanges of views and information, thereby stimulating each other as they take on future MHD scientific and technological challenges. This committee is created for frontline academic researchers and industry which collaborate in the field of MHD and bridge the two sectors in pursuit of important but not sufficiently addressed research topics.

Within MHD society, the committee is established to:

  1. develop and maintain close ties with industry and MHD academic community to promote technical exchange and collaboration on projects with significant potential for future growth and value
  2. discuss widely about education of future engineers. Education programs should be able to provide students with the desirable level of expertise in MHD
  3.  organize yearly an MHD school bringing together students, engineers and scientists that focus on Industrial applications
  4.  provides advice and recommendations on possibility of funding applications on EU level

The committee encourages the academic sectors to think and work towards:

  • reducing industry problems
  • increasing competitiveness
  • increasing productivity
  • improving sustainability