Summer School

13th pamir Summer School

Organized by the EUMHD society in collaboration with the CEA CADARACHE, the CNRS Grenoble and the Universities of Grenoble
Place: Aix-Marseille University, 29 Avenue Robert Schumann, Salle des Colloques., September 20th -21st, 2024

This Summer School Session will be dedicated to Nuclear Energy: Fission and Fusion. In addition, it will address the physical sciences but also the social sciences, thus allowing a crossroads of cultures and enriching exchanges between several communities.

The program addresses the following items:

  • Heat production by the fission and fusion systems
  • MHD in Magnetic Fusion Research: from stability to disruptions
  • MHD investigations in Liquid Metal Fast Reactors
  • Fluid mechanics & heat transfer in nuclear systems,
  • ITER: example of the intersection of various issues around an industrial project and its location
  • Sciences of the Society for Energy
  • MHD applications for pumps and instrumentation,
  • Cold crucibles for severe accidents & for reprocessing (Fission)
  • Artificial intelligence for MHD Energy Conversion