MHD School 2023

20th  April 14h00-16h00  CUEVAS (Mexico)                
Principles of MHD and scope of applications

27th  April 14h00-16h00 BUEHLER (Germany)
Duct flows in strong magnetic fields

2nd  May  14h00-16h00 BOJAREVICS  (UK)
Modelling and simulation of EM levitation

11th May 14h00-16h00 VAKHRUSHEV  (Austria)                                      
MHD in Continuous Casting technology

17th May 14h00-16h00   VAZQUEZ (Spain) and   Davoust(France)
Basics and application of Electro-hydrodynamics

24th May 14h00-16h00 DALTIN (France)
Basics and application of magnetoelectrodeposition

1st June 14h00-16h00 KHARICHA (Austria)
Electrically induced flow

7th June 14h00-16h00 HERREMAN (France)
MHD in Liquid metal batteries

15th June 14h00-16h00 E. Karimi-Sibaki  (Austria)
MHD in ESR and VAR process

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